Consulting services for foreign companies intending to do business in Poland

We speak German, English and Polish.

In providing our services we work with experienced experts. Our consulting team is always tailored to individual projects which makes the price of our services competitive. The starting point for our assistance is the desire to meet the individual needs of our foreign customers and to find solutions to their problems in Poland. Our advisors and associates boast reliable international education as well as extensive hands-on experience covering many industries and areas of business. Our services are innovative, creative and dynamic. The analytical and strategic thrust of our thinking becomes the cornerstone of our assistance and the guarantee of your success in pursuing business goals in the Polish market.

Our proven methodology driving our service provision includes:

  • assessment of the customer's business potential in the Polish market;
  • joint formulation of realistic business objectives;
  • implementation of the objectives;
  • monitoring the effectiveness and on-going review.

We provide our services within the framework of individual projects under fixed-term management contracts spelling out the operational objectives and methods.

You can begin by answering the following questions:

  • Are you looking for a partner in Poland to market your products?
  • Are you looking for a suppliers and new products in Poland?
  • Are you looking for a partner in a specific industry or a financial partner in Poland?
  • Are you looking for a manufacturing or outsourcing partner in Poland?
  • Are you planning to open a branch of your Company in Poland?
  • Are you experiencing problems in doing business with your Polish partners?
  • Are you experiencing other problems in doing business in Poland?

If you have answered "YES" to at least one of the above questions?

Please fill in the application form ! We will do our best to identify jointly the best contacts and solutions for your Company!

We offer two service packages:

  1. Package One - Doing Good Business with Polish Companies
    • Introduction
    • The range of services
  2. Package Two - Consulting Services for Foreign Companies in Poland
    • Introduction
    • The range of services

PACKAGE ONE - Doing Good Business with Polish companies


Doing good business with Polish companies is quite a challenge for both sides. The decision to enter the new market seems particularly hard to take for foreign companies - both small and medium-sized - and those which do go ahead experience day-to-day problems. In contrast to your home market, which you know inside out with all its advantages and disadvantages, the administrative and regulatory background of doing business in Poland, the regional differences in mentality - natural as they may be - or eventually the language barrier are very often reasons for delaying the decision to start working with Polish companies. Yet, the attractiveness of the Polish market, consumer behavior patterns largely similar to the developed economies should become the basis for business involvement.

Can you successfully pursue your pre-established business objectives without advisor?

By all means, however an experienced advisor will be able to effectively modify your ideas, sometimes adjust and realign them with the local realities, as well as implementing the jointly-developed activities, with no adverse effect for the day-to-day running of your business. You have the opportunity to draw on our long-standing contacts, our expertise and experience, thus eliminating potential threats to your business. As our customers, you capitalize on our know-how and contacts with:

  • companies looking for foreign partners 
  • our business associates and experts 
  • business associations and societies 
  • financial institutions

The range of services includes:

  1. Locating business partners according to a set of jointly formulated criteria and a preliminary assessment of their credibility.
  2. Assistance and advice on developing the new market entry strategy or on realignment of the strategy and implementation.
  3. Advice on selecting the best format of co-operation and implementation of solutions developed:
    • business collaboration;
    • identifying partner in the same industry of a financial partner;
    • utilisation of spare production capacity suppliers and contractors;
    • agency; 
    • joint ventures, mergers, take-overs, acquisitions or divestments;
    • setting up a new business; 
    • locating the required business and manufacturing facilities, land, etc.
  4. Analysing the market and developing a marketing strategy for market entry, product and/or service positioning. Defining and specifying the best distribution channels.
  5. Laying the foundations for the selected co-operation format - agreements, staff recruitment and selection, organisational structure, accounting, IT, controlling communication, budgeting, etc.
  6. Execution monitoring and review - checking implementation of the assumptions adopted and day-to-day review of the strategy.
  7. Other strategic and operational advice.

PACKAGE TWO - Consulting Services

Consulting Services for Foreign Companies:

  • doing business in Poland;
  • planning to start a business in Poland;
  • planning to divest of their Polish operations.

The range of services includes:

  1. Organisation and Management
    • assistance and advice on effective start-up of business in Poland;
    • drawing up feasibility studies and business plans, loan and investment applications and their presentation to domestic and foreign partners;
    • arrangement of financing by banks, industry and corporate investors, investment funds, etc.;
    • budgeting and controlling, management and financial accounting recommendations;
    • guidelines, regulations, procedures - defining areas, developing, implementation and supervision;
    • crisis management, restructuring, comprehensive turnaround programmes;
    • international negotiations (German and English);
    • information management and information flow system - format of information, scope of information, addressee, timing and price of information;
    • transactions and activities optimising the value of the business - transformations, mergers, demergers;
    • planning and organisation of closed share issues;
    • strategic management - strategy formulation, implementation and monitoring, innovation and diversification;
    • operational management - drawing up an operations schedule, implementation and monitoring.
  2. Human Resource Management
    • organisational audit;
    • advice on management style optimisation;
    • analysis and optimisation of decision-making - structural matrices; 
    • designing organisational structures realigned with market conditions - external environment, effective use of resources - internal environment; 
    • incentive systems and career planning;
    • developing and defining training programmes.
  3. Marketing, Logistics and Distribution
    • marketing audit - defining and developing existing and potential sources of competitive advantage;
    • formulating the marketing strategy; 
    • organisation and optimisation of sales, logistics and distribution divisions; 
    • improving efficiency and establishing new distribution channels; 
    • controlling in marketing and logistics.

Should you have any further questions, please contact us by e-mail on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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